Everything we do
is energy

Every day we help our business partners get the most important asset for their competitiveness: an efficient energy supply system.

     Flows in our plants

Only with our continual research and commitment, can we prevent waste, optimise the use of resources and make our contribution to sustainable production processes.



if we use the resources better,
we will consume less of them

Producing energy means being part of a process that is decisive for the community. For this reason, our research and investments are aimed at minimising the environmental impact of production.

About Us

We are an industrial holding that operates in Italy. Our operational companies develop projects in the energy sector, with particular expertise in the following segments:

Investor Relations

investor relations

In this area you can find documentation, financial news and the corporate governance data.

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Energy for our partners

Through the group's operational companies, we provide energy to our business partners across the whole of Italy, pursuing the following goals:

  • Increase the efficiency of plants
  • Save primary energy
  • Make significant savings in the energy bill
  • Reduce pollutant emissions
  • Increase supply security

Our figures

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability from our plants

Electric Energy


CO2 Emissions avoided


TEP saved



Because efficiency is the opposite of waste, it is a measure of our ability to achieve our goal: to use energy resources in the best way.


Because by optimising resources and processes we can provide energy at a lower cost and make our BUSINESS PARTNERS more competitive.

Technology and research

Technology is our ally in the challenge to find increasingly effective solutions and value-added services for our partners.