The best ratio between
employed and generated energy


The Distributed Generation Model

Elettra Investimenti's business model is based on the construction of its own natural gas or liquid biomass cogeneration/trigeneration plants of small - medium size (range from 1 MW to 8 MW) in sites/areas with:

  • High energy saving potential for cogeneration plants;
  • Significant energy consumption for cogeneration plants;
  • Elettra Investimenti's plants are generally owned by, and located at the end user, but they can also be made for the sale of electricity to GSE (Italian energy provider);
  • Availability of local natural resources that can be converted into energy for natural biomass plants.
grafico modello cogenerazione

Business model based on Distributed Energy Generation. This involves building and owning small plants near to the customers, increasing the energy efficiency (less waste) and reliability (lower risk of outages and blackouts).

Comparison between separate production and cogeneration


Cogeneration, also known as CHP (Combined Heat and Power), is the joint and simultaneous production of electric and thermal energy (steam, superheated and/or hot water, hot air), implemented in a single integrated system. This means a more efficient use of the primary energy, allowing significant savings in energy bills. The prerequisite for achieving savings is to have simultaneous thermal and electric consumption.

grafico produzione separata
grafico produzione cogenerazione

For the same amount of electric and thermal energy produced
the plant consumes 148 units for separate production
against 100 for cogeneration production

A conventional plant that only produces electric energy has an efficiency of about 35%.
This figure provides insight into how the energy lost as heat represents a significant portion of the resources used.
A conventional plant that only produces thermal energy has an efficiency of about 85%.
Tramite la cogenerazione, invece, il calore prodotto dalla combustione non viene disperso, ma recuperato per altri usi.