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Elettra Investimenti SpA was established to promote, plan, build and manage plants for the production of energy, including that from alternative sources.

We are an industrial holding that operates throughout Italy through a number of operational companies that develop and implement initiatives in the energy sector, with particular reference to:

  • Cogeneration and trigeneration plants fuelled by natural or biomass gas
  • Plants for generating electric energy from renewable sources

Corporate history


Elettra Investimenti is estabilished headed by the Bombacci family.

Acquisition of Alea Lazio Spa, an energy company operating in Italy. To date, Alea Lazio has built six cogeneration plants (installed capacity 15 MW) serving industrial sites.


Alea Sicilia Srl is estabilished acquiring a cogeneration plant (installed capacity approximately 5 MW) serving a shopping centre in Catania.

Alea Lombardia founded to acquire a share of Giava Uno Srl, a special purpose vehicle, sole holder of authorisation to build a 5 MW biomass cogeneration plant in the province of Bergamo.


Sustainable Bioliquids Bulgaria ood (SBB ood) is established to operate in trading of vegetable oil, supplying plants owned by Alea Lazio and by third parties.


Alea Service Srl established (formerly Alea Lombardia Srl) with the aim of offering services in the field of operation, management and maintenance of gas and biomass cogeneration plants.


Sale of the shares in Giava Uno Srl.
In April 2015 Elettra was listed on the AIM Italia Market
Establishement of Alea Quotidia
Establishement of Alea Heat and Power

Electra Investimenti actively pursues its design and research strategies, planning new development assets while consolidating existing ones.


Our Values



Because efficiency is the opposite of waste, it is a measure of our ability to achieve the goal: to use energy resources in the best way



Because by optimising resources and processes we can provide energy at a lower cost and make our Business Partners more competitive



Because the quality of our work depends on the work of many, and our research's contribution leads to a sustainable use of energy resources



Because, together with our stakeholders, we want to build on shared goals and a relationship based on trust and clarity

United to give you more energy

The group

Our business model covers Italy through the activities of the subsidiaries, which operating in various strategic segments of the project.

Elettra Investimenti SpA
100% cs
100% cs
ALEA Quotidia SpA
100% cs
Tholos Srl
100% cs
SBB ood
90% cs

Elettra Investimenti SpA

Industrial holding

Performs service and coordination activities for the companies of the group.

Estabilished in 2005

Alea Energia SpA

Società veicolo contenenti gli impianti di cogenerazione e trigenerazione

Società veicolo titolare di 6 impianti di cogenerazione (potenza installata circa 15 Mw a fronte di circa € 15 mln di investimenti) a servizio di stabilimenti industriali.

Estabilished in 2005

ALEA Heat Power Srl - 100% CS
Estabilished in: 2015

Alea Quotidia SpA

Società operativa - EPC impianti fotovoltaici

Estabilished in: 2016

Alea Service S.r.l.

Società operativa - gestione e manutenzione impianti

Società operativa attiva nei servizi nel campo della conduzione, gestione e manutenzione di impianti di cogenerazione a gas e nel settore delle biomasse.

Anno di costituzione 2013

Alea Sicilia S.r.l.

Società veicolo contenenti gli impianti di cogenerazione e trigenerazione

Società veicolo titolare di 1 impianto di cogenerazione (potenza installata circa 5 Mw) a servizio di un centro commerciale a Catania.

Anno di costituzione 2008

SBB ood (Bulgaria)

Società operativa - trading olio vegetale per gli impianti di proprietà e di terzi

Società operativa attiva nel trading di olio vegetale fornendo sia gli impianti di proprietà di Alea Lazio che clienti terzi.

Anno di costituzione 2012

Tholos S.r.l.

Società operativa - attività di efficientamento energetico

Anno di acquisizione 2016

Tholos FARE S.r.l. - 100% CS
Anno di acquisizione: 2016

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ALEA is the group's brand that operates
in the field of plant design and energy supply services.

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