Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic technology allows to generate cheap electricity cleanly and efficiently.


The business model
After the end of the State governments subsidy (the energy bill), solar industry investments are directed towards distributed generation for industrial and business clients able to consume most of the energy produced during the hours of operation of the plant.
Elettra Investimenti takes care of all the investments and the customer uses the electricity produced, feeding the exceeding power back to the energy grid.
The photovoltaic system is provided to customers that agree to a contract of "operating lease with guaranteed performance" which includes:

  • High energy saving potential for cogeneration plants;
  • Significant energy consumption for cogeneration plants;
  • Elettra Investimenti's plants are generally owned by, and located at the end user, but they can also be made for the sale of electricity to GSE (Italian energy provider);
  • Availability of local natural resources that can be converted into energy for natural biomass plants.


Photovoltaic technology is now a mature and reliable asset, with a production capacity exponentially increasing.
A photovoltaic system is able to convert sunlight into electrical energy for over 30 years with minimum need for maintenance: every MW of power installed in central Italy is able to generate over 35,000.000 KWh with no harmful gas emissions.