District Heating Cogeneration


Advantages over traditional forms of thermal energy production

Rational use of energy resources and containment of energy expenditure
It can use various fuels, depending on their affordability and availability, hence limiting the transport systems for fuel importing.

Less and better controlled local pollution
One only source of emission of fumes, allowing a lower impact and the adoption of control systems.

Advantages of cogeneration

  • Combined production of heat and electricity using a large fraction of the primary energy contained in the fuel, which is higher than that produced separately
  • Reduced consumption and optimization of the fuel
  • Greater efficiency and energy loss reduction

grafico modello cogenerazione

Economic Benefits

Lower costs for management and maintenance
The maintenance is limited to a single facility

Simple, safe and convenient for users

  • Continuous heat service
  • Reduced risk of incidents
  • User buys the actual consumption of heat and not the fuel to produce it